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Why Customersquare?

  • Customer Engagement

    Be on top of your customer's mind all the time. If a customer hasn't come back to your store in the last 6 months, let your CRM automatically invite them back with a 10% discount on the next purchase!

  • Cardless customer loyalty

    Cardless Customer Loyalty - Earn and Burn points on the go! Simple to implement and use. This is where the whole world is heading towards. Don't miss out.

  • Cross Sell/Up sell

    Understand what the customer is buying and sell more to the same customer. This is possible if you know what your customers are buying. Our POS integration capabilities makes it possible.

  • POS Integration

    We have technology to integrate our CRM with your POS software. For Ex: Shoper9, Raymedi, RetailPro, SAP etc.

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Target the audience and launch marketing campaigns(discount, gift vouchers etc) and get your customers back to your store. Target audience can be based on what product they bought OR how much they have spent in your store etc.

  • Measure effectiveness of Campaigns

    Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Use this information in future campaigns and get better ROI.

  • Analytics

    Data available in different formats for Analysis & Decison Making. Get the help of our specialist Analysts who can throw more insights into the data and help you design your campaigns.

  • Customized Offers

    Let you and your CRM understand who is buying what and based on that you can offer more to the customer. This process can be automated. CRM uses this information to intelligently select the customer and makes offers.